Chinese New Year 2021 Dates: February 12,Spring festval

Chinese New Year 2021 Dates: February 12, Spring festival

The Decima family is preparing food for the new year Guangxi Pingle Lee’s daughter-in-law is getting new clothes for her one-year-old daughter Yuen Long in Hong Kong The Tang’s family is planning the feast after ancestor worship. We need rice wine, Nine dishes total Shanghai Pudong.

Yi is about to board a plane to Tainan “Bring the netback” This is the most important time of the year Starting from the “waxing month”, for a month and a half Almost all Chinese people will put aside everything and get into a busy but joyful mood.

Chinese New Year 2021
Chinese New Year 2021

They utilize gifts from nature to prepare new year feasts

Paying respects to the gods above and below

with love and care toward one’s family

to express their feelings about the new year

Times are changing

New Year’s customs are inconspicuously changing as well

But the foods that have long influenced our lives and our culture

are still alive and well

This is “A Bite of China Chinese New Year”

A Bite of China Chinese New Year

Hurry! Hurry!

Where is it going?

You block it

Chinese New Year 2021 – Year of the Ox

Chinese New Year 2021
Chinese New Year 2021

No need to yell at me!

Useless! Go chase it!

Stop yelling! I am so exhausted I am about to collapse

He can’t even catch a pig!

Well let me help you

People will laugh at us- still fighting at this old age

You are the one laughing

Let’s go

I am the only chasing? Let’s go together!

Let’s go!

Master, you know how to blow a pig?

You are making the big fat

Approaching the twelve-day of the New Year

killing pigs is a symbol of entering the new year

Red pepper

star anise, cinnamon, geranium

Various spices pan-fried together

Ground into powder

Mix with fine salt

Marination is a traditional way of preserving the flavor

Spreading evenly while still hot

Amount, proportion, and strength

Ming has over sixty years of experience

This meat is lucky Hurry up, silly!

Bring the meat for me Coming

The cedar and Eucommia trees in the forest

have a rich and lasting fragrance

They are good fuel for smoking preserved meat

Look at all the dust

Orange peel and seeds are thrown into the flame

They are rich in vegetable fat just like tree branches

Since they cannot be completely consumed

they turn into tiny particles and rise up

attaching themselves to the meat as they burn

Getting slowly absorbed over time

This is a taste refined by time

The preserved meat is done. Still a week before the New Year

Mrs Zhao wants to have a taste



Scrap away the burnt specks on the surface

Cut into thin slices

The meat is red, glistening with fat

After drying, boil in water breifly

Most of the proteins are preserved

Ancient food preservation techniques

besides preventing spoiling

give preserved food a rich, distinctive flavor not found in fresh food

Garlic preserved meat stir fry

Come eat! See how lucky you are

Bowl and chopsticks are served to you

All thanks to you

We are old partners

You have blessed me my whole life. I am grateful

(Chinese New Year 2021)

The best-tasting preserved meat

will have to wait until the children are home

Hulun Buir grassland

temperature stays at below 40 degrees

The lamb belly has been preserved in the snow for over a month

Dasima needs to prepare it for a long journey

The lamb meat is as good as before

This magical trick is too amazing!

Cook simply in boiling water

without any spices. This is the hunters’ favorite

The whole family heading to Dasima’s mother’s home for the New Year

Riding horses is the best way to travel in snow

A hundred years ago, their ancestors in the Republic of Buryatia also rode horses

as they moved from the Baikal river to here

“Hand meat” is the travel food for the nomads

It is easy to carry whether on travels or herding

This picnic in the snow is both simple and delicious

Replenishing lost body heat

(Chinese New Year 2021)

Cold temperature can not only preserve but also process food

This is ancient wisdom passed down by ancestors

Deep-fried salty silver carp releases its oil

Simmered gently in soup stock

Large amount of collagen is released into the soup

Old Beijing bean paste is similar in nature

Fat on the skin is scrapped off

Resulting in clear, non-oily soup

Put in pepper, cinnamon and geranium

Cooked together with rutabaga, soy bean, radish

Chinese New Year 2021 in China

Chinese New Year 2021

In cold temperature, the collagen particles link together

Forming a “net” and lock in the water

It becomes collagenous

Smooth and chewy bean paste goes well with Laba garlic

or with a bowl of steaming rice

dissolving the silver crap jello into liquid

Dasima’s husband cuts with mongolian sharp knive mincing the lamb ground meat

Inside the warm yurt

the whole family work together on a tribal specailty

to welcome the New Year

When folding the dumpling skin, a small hole is left a the top

in order for steam formed during the cooking process to escape

and form rich and delicious soup

(Chinese New Year 2021)

Cang Lang, Chongqing

The moment Ming and her husband had been waiting for has finally arrived

Little “puppy” is back!

I found my little puppy!

(Chinese New Year 2021)

Home for New Year

Three sons and four daughters together with their families

came home to be with their elderly parents

It’s new year! Let’s take out the red envelopes!

Pocket full of red envelopes

One for your eldest son

Red envelope

Hold on to it! It’s a big one!

(Chinese New Year 2021)

So much money!

Spring festival to millions of families in China

especially those in the farming villages, is a time of family reunion

Lee rode 400 km alone

from Shenzhen to Guangxi Pingle

It’s the season of taro harvest

A time for the Lee’s family to get together

Mom and dad, I am home!

Come, let daddy hold you

Come, let’s go home with Daddy

The 29th day of the waxing month

Lee set up a big furnace in the backyard

Preparing for an indispensible dish for the New Year

Not soft enough

Need to cook some more

(Chinese New Year 2021)

Next to the well, women are preparing different types of side dishes

There are plenty of grapefruits in the humid and warm Guangxi

The fragrant fruit is both sweet and sour

Women have their eyes on the spongy skin

Soakng in hot water is necessary before cooking

to rid the skin of its bitter taste

River snails are considered everyday food

(Chinese New Year 2021)

But a more complicated cooking method is used for special occasions

Boiled river snails are minced together with fresh pork

Mixed with mint leaves

corn starch, peanut oil, white pepper

Massage into a paste

Fillings made with snails meat

are placed back inside the shells

Stuffing the fillings,

then put into another type of food

is traditionally called “Lan”

In the hands of the women in Pingle, anything can turn into “Lan”

What’s common referred to as “18 Lan” has in fact more than eighteen varieties

“Lan” itself is an expression of happiness and contentment

During family reunions,

people put their thoughts and feelings into making delicate dishes

Lee is an extreme example of this process

His specialty is a traditional new year dish from Northern Gui Zhou

Braised pork with crunchy skin

Pork belly placed in oil heated to 200 degrees

Fat under the skin melts under the high temperature

Only the fibrous part is left behind

After deep-frying, meat is placed in icy water

just like smelting a sword

After two hours, the skin is transformed

Grooves and lines appear on the surface

(Chinese New Year 2021)

However, the crunchy braised pork is only half-way done

Pork belly is cut into slices

then marinated with fermented tofu, garlic, green onion, pepper, and five spice

The taro’s purple lines are the results of its high starch content

After deep-frying, the outside is golden and crispy,

while sweet and starchy on the inside

Our local dialect calls this “first food”

My eldest daughter in Nanning wants me to make this every new year

I typically make 20 bowls

Two different foods put together

melt into each other under high heat

and become a hybrid of taste and form

Yee ended her career in Shanghai

and decided to return to her boyfriend back home

Tainan, Taiwan

Every time I return home for the New Year, the first thing I want to do is to visit my parents

Mom, are you and Dad fighting in heaven?

Two days ago I dreamt that you and dad took me out

Sister said it’s because you two miss me

You used to tell me to open my own store

Now I have my own store. Because your dream is my dream

Bless Ching so he can run this store well

(Chinese New Year 2021)

Daffodils Temple Market is the most crowded market in Tainan

Many markets in Taiwan are located next to temples

People socialize and make purchases here

and also burn incense and pray for good luck and peace

Yee and Ching take this last opportunity to buy groceries for the new year

because markets are closed on New Year’s Eve

(Chinese New Year 2021)


How much?

Fifty grams for 20 dollars

Is it fresh?

We need it for temple worship. Let us pick

This one is calling for us

It’s tasty with sugar or vinegar

Red autumn fish is also called “Red Lady” because of its color

In order to cook this type of savory fish

Ching decided to add a Taiwanese marinate

Pineapple sauce

(Chinese New Year 2021)

Pineapples from Taiwan are rich in fiber and fruit acid

Fermented soy beans are rich in polypeptide and amino acids

Marinate with one part salt and two parts sugar

(Chinese New Year 2021)

Put in a some licorice before sealing the jar

Pineapples and soy beans continue to ferment

After one month, the fruit turns semi-transparent as a result of fermentation

Adding pineapple sauce to Red Autumn fish

rids the fishy smell and adds a sweet and sour taste

No other seasoning is necessary

White bitter melons from Taiwan are juicy and mellow in taste

When used in making chicken stock, one only needs to add pineapple sauce

as the only seasoning

Put the egg yolk here

Put one egg yolk here

(Chinese New Year 2021)

We are spending the New Year at auntie’s place this year

Auntie said, since dad just passed last year,

we should bring the four kids to her place for the New Year

Three color eggs- a New Year appetizer in grandma’s house

Egg, preserved egg, and salted egg. These are easy to get, but the cooking process takes time

Yee never learned the technique from mom

Ching needs to show all his skills

to make the most famous Tainan dish

Mud crab cake

Look at this. IT’s not good because it is empty in the middle

Not transparent means this is a good one

Mud crab is a type of green crab

The delightful red color comes from its gonads and pancreas

If this part is ripe and fat, the crab cream will be delicious

Shallots are small but spicy

They are fragrant when deep fried

A common seasoning in Tainan dishes

Both western and eastern dishes take advantage of the aroma

Shredded pork

Sliced mushrooms

Dried shrimp

Sliced squid

mix together with undercooked sticky rice

Stir evenly

Add fried shallots at the end

In Southern China, this is known as rice cake or oil rice

(Chinese New Year 2021)

Mud crab is a popular food in Taiwan and Fujian

It is considered a health food

The whole family eagerly awaits

Ching must control the fire well

Fall and winter are the most fruitful seasons for fisherman in South East China

Culinary techniques differ in different regions

People in the Chaoshan region likes marinated raw seafood

which preserves more of the original taste compared with cooked seafood

This is a thousand-year tradition since the time of the Song Dynasty

After soaking in salt water, crabs are then frozen

When icy crabs are sliced

they can be eaten directly and yield a complex flavor

Known as “Seafood ice cream”

Seafood with a strong fishy smell

can be marinated with soy sauce and garlic

Garlic rids seafood of any bacteria

Crab cream becomes hard and sticky

It must be chewed forcefully before the aromatic taste is released

(Chinese New Year 2021)

In winter, silver clams are thick and plump

Boiled with seventy degree hot water, within 10 seconds,

the membrane remains intact

Delicious juice can ooze out at any moment

Drizzle with sauce

it is a staple for new year’s eve dinner in any Chaoshan and Minnan family

A table full of “silver dollars” symbolizes the arrival of great wealth

Stone Pond, Zhejiang

China has an 18,000 km coastline

During the waxing month, by the shore of Zhejiang

is crowded with transport boats

They are responsible for bringing the fishermen’s catch to shore

Chan’s job is to provide ferry service to the transport boats

Bring it up after it is unloaded in the harbor

After a busy year

the fishermen always share some hidden treasures with Chan

(Chinese New Year 2021)

Eel is the most delicious before the New Year

Fish-cutting knives have sharp edges

They slice fish close to the bone

Chan’s wife works on the fish immediately

in order to preserve it for the New Year

It takes only 3 cuts to open up the eel

Star eel has more fat than regular eel

Therefore its flesh is tender and rich in fat

It is a more treasured taste to fishermen

The fishing boats’ schedules are unstable close to the New Year

In order to enjoy the New Year’s Eve dinner

fishermen work tirelessly day and night

Fishermen are impatient

We barely have time to eat

We must be on the boat when the tide comes

We are up at daybreak. At night just when I am ready to sleep,

someone’s phone rings. No sleep all night

Get rid of some! Come closer and bring to shore!

Morning after a night of hard work,

Chan did not go on shore right the way

because he has to work on a rare catch

“Wulang” (black wolf)

A food that is both delicious and dangerous

Only experienced fishermen dare to taste


nickname for Puffer fish

The organs are poisonous and must be thoroughly cleaned without leaving a trace

Thoroughly washed without leaving any blood

The discarded portions are enjoyed by seagulls

After exposure to sun and wind,

fish become dehydrated into dry goods

Known as “San”

In an age when there were no refrigerators,

people along the coastline invented this preservation method

The temperature is close to zero degrees

The cold wind brings along dry air

This is the best time to make dry goods

In East Zhejiang,

Dried fish can be either food or seasoning

Its use is similar to bacon

Whether it is pan fry, barbecue, deep fry or steam,

it can harmonize with other vegetables and meats

When the Chan’s steam eel, they are used to layering fat meat on top

Nucleotides in the fish and argenine in the meat combine to enhance the flavor

Deep-fried star eel gives a crunchy taste

After steaming,

the meat on the inside turns soft and flavorful

After drying for 20 days,

Wulang turned hard like tree bark

After soaking for a long time,

the fish meat regains its elasticity

Afternoon of New Year’s Eve,

women shopped for more fresh ingredients

in order to prepare for the New Year’s Eve feast

(Chinese New Year 2021)

Wulang is slowly waking

Knives are not suitable to use on its fragmented meat

Tearing by hand can prevent the fiber from getting damaged

The aromatic essential oil of raw ginger

can not only get rid of fishy smell,

but also improve the flavor of the Wulang

In the evening, the whole family is busy at the stove

Chan finally returned to land

to participate in this family cooking affair

This busy night is known as New Year’s Eve

In China everyone eats the last meal of the year together with family

This is a thousand-year old tradition

People give priority to this meal

more than any other in the remaining 365 days

At this time,

the best food and the best cooking skills are presented

Red crab rice cake is here

Pingle, Guangxi

Steamed pork is here

Come eat


Cang Lang, Chongquing

Everyone come eat!

Drink a glass of New Year’s Eve wine

Happy New Year!

Red crab rice cake made a perfect appearance

Its red color is bright and cheerful

Puts everyone in a celebratory mood

Fat and tasty

Auntie, thank you so much

Thank you uncle

You worked hard today

The preserved pork did not disappoint

Its delicious taste is a comfort to their children who live faraway

The steamed pork and stuffed vegetables made a sumptuous meal

A familiar and down-to-earth taste

Stone Pond, Zhejiang

Reunion after much hard work and toil

is the best ending to a busy year

This year bids farewell to the past year and welcomes the new year

Yes, I’m eating

Cargo? OK I am coming

Who is that? Whose number?

You all take your time to eat

Heshan, Guangdong

New year as defined by traditions,

lasts from the Prayer Festival to the Lantern Festival

Lian brought her son and daughter-in-law to pay respects to the ancestors at the temple

This is the first thing women in Heshan do on the first day of the new year

Glutinous rice powder steam cooked,

stirred until it is thick and tacky

Lian invited female relatives as usual

During the New Year, women must get together

to make a kind of food that blesses the family

Sticky rice cake

a must-learn for all brides-to-be

Every woman who moves here after marriage has learned this

Blowing and expanding the rice dough,

is thought to have a mysterious connection to fertility

Blow! Good, it is done

Frying the rice cakes is a task only Lian’s grandma can take on

She can deep fry the rice ball until it is 30 cm in diameter

Longyou, Zhejiang

According to archeological discoveries,

The lower reaches of the Yangtze River has vegetations that date back 7000 years

Rice is not just a staple food,

it can also be used to make wine or sweets

It is a food enjoyed by humans and gods

During the new year, people in Longyou makes a type of food out of rice

It’s a way to express their sincere yearning

Hard rice and glutinous rice are mixed in a ratio of 10:1

Glutinous rice has the highest starch content. It is tacky

By controlling the amount of glutinous rice, one can control the texture of the fat cake

Patience is needed in order to produce soft and refined rice powder

After a day of filtering and processing

the rice powder turns out soft and fine

To take it one step further, dry under a heavy rock

The fat cake’s white color comes from the fine rice powder

Lard has a unique aroma and cannot be replaced with vegetable oil

Together with white sugar, it gives fat cake its sweet taste

Adding Jiuniang helps the fat cake ferment

Winter in Jiangnan

room temperature cannot activate the fermentation process

Braise overnight with a small flame

The dough has risen well

If the fat cake is a success, that symbolizes good luck in the coming year

The great taste during the New Year

expresses the pursuit of higher expectations

This pursuit embodies people’s hope for wealth, luck and blessings

Lard, sugar, and Jiuniang have completely disappeared

The spongy texture comes from the small holes formed during fermentation

The aromatic fat cake was once a food offering for ancestor worship

Nowadays this once holy food is enjoyed by all

It is now a cherished dish during the New Year

In addition to symbolizing grandeur and growth,

food during the New Year also carries the hopes for prosperity and variety

On the first day of the New Year, Damier visits the elders

These are the featured food of the year for the nomads

Cream and dry milk from winter

Raisins and dried hawthorns from summer

Malus baccata and prunes from autumn

mixed together with rice

called “Wuri Wood” in Mongolian

It is a new year dessert for the Buryat Mongolians

This bowl of Wuri wood represents prosperity and must be presented to the ancestors first

Central County, Gansu

2000 km away in Central County, Gansu

The Yang’s family has a full pantry

(Chinese New Year 2021)

On the day of Laba, his wife cooked porridge with all sorts of beans

Then fresh lamb is made into minced meat

Different from sweet Laba porridge from other regions in China

The Laba porridge here is salty

Based on different habits in different regions,

to speculate the likes of the gods above

Gods are personified as humans,

eat meat and vegetables

and like both sweet and salty

Sugar melon

Chan’s sugar melon, sweet and crunchy

Sugar melon

Chan’s sugar melon, sweet and crunchy

How much?

Eight dollars

Not cheap

Sugar melon

a unique dessert in the central Lu region

Only available during the New Year

My sugar melons are the best

Chan’s House practices the most traditional sugar manufacturing technique

Rice starch dissolves into wheat starch

resulting in malt

Before sugar cane, malt was the main sweetener in China

(Chinese New Year 2021)

It’s bubbling The next step is the shape the malt with arm strength

This process is known as “plucking sugar

The elasticity is now adequate

Three people work together to smooth out the sugar

Fold in half four times

matching the top and bottom edges

forming an empty, 4 meter tube

At this time, utilizing the cold outdoor air

the sugar tube hardens.

One must work even faster

Coated with cooked sesame

kids are eagerly waiting

Xiamen, Fujian

Sweet is the main theme for the New Year

Desserts from different regions have different personalities

“Kuih” is a rice product

Its various forms are found in festivals around the year in Xiaman

If one puts a turtle shape on top of this red rice dough

then it is the “red turtle pudding” for the New Year

Is it yummy?


Flowers are carved in the perimeter of the turtle stamp

This takes tens of thousands of strokes

Every Minnan family has a turtle stamp as an heirloom

Yuan is the last professional turtle stamp sculptor in Xiaman

It’s a child’s song in the Minnan dialect. We know it since little

“When turtle’s head moves, big houses are built”

“Touch turtle’s mouth, money comes your way”

“Touch turtle’s body, luck will change”

“Touch turtle’s feet, endless wealth”

“Touch turtle’s tail, persists till the end”

Every year on the 23rd day of the waxing month

see the kitchen god off to the heavens

Not much to offer

except sugar melons

When the heavens above is well, the earth is peaceful

Let me give you some Laba

Show me some malt flour

Let me give you Laba

Show me a good harvest

Chinese New Year starts with Laba

People show their respects to nature through different customs

as well as their devotion to the gods

and thankfulness to the ancestors

And food

has always been the way humans communicate with the gods

It’s the simplest and most direct path

These food items carry the warmth of hardworking hands

They are an inheritance of wisdom and diligence

as well as Chinese people’s sensitivity to the passage of time

Since the time of farming

these will all be gone from our sight some day

Heshan, Guangdong

Master Hau has a martial art academy

His son Ying just turned 20

He is his father’s best apprentice

The seventh day of the New Year is a big day

It is also the most lively day in the Hau’s household

Martial arts apprentices and students all come celebrate the New Year

Backyard turns into a big outdoor kitchen to prepare dinner for 200 people

This is my son Ying

According to Chinese legends,

Nu Wa created humans on the 7th day of the New Year

This day’s importance is not less than New Year’s Eve according to Guangdong customs

This day of friendship, social exchange and gathering is known as “People Day”

Tonight’s dinner is Guangdong hot pot style

But the most eye-catching dish is one that was prepared ahead of time

Roasted goose

Perfectly roasted geese

are much like the essence of Chinese martial arts

Both external appearance and internal qualities are important

The secret seasoning ingredients

The one-and-only undisclosed manuel

The abdomen skillfully sealed

not affecting the shape yet airtight, simple and effective

Training the body requires breathe

Skin and flesh are separated

Tight throughout

The strength reaches every pore

Colored with a sweet broth mixed with red vinegar

followed by a brief drying period

these red geese are then ready to go into the oven

One must use Lychee wood that are at least a year old

It’s a slow-burning fuel that keeps the temperature constant

Even an experienced chef

can only manage two ovens at the same time

During the roasting process, one must turn and change position,

in order to ensure even cooking

Under high heat, the fat melts under the skin and oozes out of the pores

Before removing from the oven, roasted geese must appear full, red and shiny

The best time to eat roasted geese is within two hours after removing from the oven

That’s when they are rich in flavorful juice, skin is crispy and the meat is tender

It’s an extraordinary main dish on any dining table

During the feast, father passed on his social connections to son

During holidays and festivals in the south,

gatherings include more than families but also others in the community

However, in the cold north,

most people gather indoor with families

During these moments, snacks are the best companions

Only people form the Northeast are sincere

He is truthful to you and friends,

Flat hazels are the main source of income for the Jin family

During the New Year, they are the best snacks during leisure times

We don’t sing as well as others

Fried goods are unique in the Chinese culture

They are in high demand during the New Year

30 tons may be consumed in one day

Comparable to the total amount of turkey consumed on Thanksgiving in America

Frying rice is a New Year custom for the people in Anqing

Frying glutinous rice after it’s been soaked

until the surface is crispy and golden

Fried rice with chicken soup is a heart-warming family dish during New Year

The love for the crunchy taste

motivates the Chinese to use different foods to make fried goods

The flesh looks good

Not only do people spend time and energy to prepare New Year meals,

they also prepare exquisite snacks between meals

The same passion is found in preserving fruits

This is the last harvest for the star fruit from Canton and golden dates from Taiwan

(Chinese New Year 2021)

Using salt and sugar to preserve fruit

results in sweet and salty preserved fruits

Not only do they stimulate saliva,

but are also pretty to look at

Yulin, Guangxi

People in Guangxi uses a more delicate method to preserve fruits

Winter melon is carved into different shapes

First soaked in sugar solution, then air dry

Controlling the concentration of sugar solution makes the surface shiny

without extra sugar particles

The sweet taste is infused with winter melon’s fragrance

Its aroma is slowly released in hot tea

These exquisitely prepared snacks

add color to the leisure time during the New Year

Song Jiachuan, Shaanxi

Happiness is not necessarily determined by eating extravagant meals

(Chinese New Year 2021)

In some places, simple meals can also make families happy

Deshelled Mi grains are ground into powder

for use in making a dessert in Northern Shaanxi

cake corner

Five-year-old Yu gets this traditional treat from his grandma’s cave oven only during the New Year

Don’t go

Scorching steam billowing out of heated stoves

Mi powder heats up quickly

Grandma needs to sprinkle many layers

Steam softens the dough

Skillful hands go to work

The whole family gets busy while the dough is still hot

to work the dough into shapes of ingots

Cake for the New Year

Yu, sit well

You will eat after I deep fry them

Deep frying adds a different texture

Cake corners are crispy on the outside

soft and chewy on the inside

with syrup oozing out

(Chinese New Year 2021)

Mi, one of the most ancient foods in China

Among other types of food,

is no longer an important item

Only during the New Year

the elders use it to teach the younger generation about taste

Ping Shan, Hong Kong

Hong Kong

A highly commercialized city

There are many families and clans

A high demand for exceptional food

(Chinese New Year 2021)

Yuen Long

A landmark for the old times in Hong Kong

Once upon a time this place was filled with farmlands

Traditions and customs are best preserved here

Delicious food in the underground world

A small store far from the cities

houses a hidden food empire

Its owner is Mr Tung

He only makes one traditional dish

Poon Choi

Six years ago his son Pang returned from from studying abroad

(Chinese New Year 2021)

Under his father’s guidance, he started with the basics

This pork is tender enough. You can add the ingredients

Poon Choi contains a variety of food each cooked separately

Its uniqueness is in its diverse tastes

Each taste comes from a secret recipe

Local dates give a sour taste

They rid pig’s feet of the oily taste

Homemade yellow wine rice has a rich aroma

It’s a great match for the “Fairy Chicken”

Tangerine peel is a special seasoning in China

Use it in soups after scraping off the rind

It adds a sweet taste

Add more

Ping Shan Poon Choi


After steaming for two hours

“fairy chicken” looks spectacular

The skin is tender and meat is delicious

Nine exquisitely prepared dishes presented one by one

Combined together forms the famous Hong Kong Poon Choi

Nine Ghosts

Poon Choi is more than just the combination of the “nine ghosts”

it is also a miraculous union of space and time

(Chinese New Year 2021)

Radish pieces put at the bottom

Meat, bamboo shoots and squid layered on top

Juices of the fermented tofu and pork seep to the bottom

Five types of food are then placed on top

Poon Choi assembles the taste and shape of all its ingredients

It symblizes unity, harmony and happiness

(Chinese New Year 2021)

It’s a wonder in the world of Eastern cuisines

This method of combining different foods is not unique to Hong Kong

In Suzhou where exquisite cuisines are known

there is a rare, grand dish

A clay pot half meter in diameter

Placed in it the best ingredients in Suzhou

Chicken and pork thigh form the base

chicken, goose, speckled goose, pigeon etc 5 types of poutry are added subsequently

(Chinese New Year 2021)

Simmer slowly after adding water

Add half-cooked pigeon eggs at the end

Seven pieces

It is the soul of the New Year’s feast in Suzhou

Sheung Wan is a crowded place

The herbal shop is back in business

As the Lantern Festival approaches,

New Year is coming to an end

The last feast of the New Year will be held in a temple in Yuen Long

Three hours before the feast

Half of the 500 kg worth of food has already been prepared

(Chinese New Year 2021)

Pang and ten other companions need to work nonstop

Song Jiachuan

2000 km away

on Lantern festival, Yu got a gift he has been dreaming of

A thousand-year traditional celebration is waiting for him by the Yellow River

(Chinese New Year 2021)

This celebration will mark an end to the New Year festivities

People come to the celebration from all parts of town

365 poles were erected by the sides of the Yellow River

to hold up 365 lamps

representing each day of the year

After walking through the tortuous maze,

one takes a step toward the hopes for the new year

This is how Chinese people interpret life

In Hong Kong

this is perhaps the most organized, one of the few traditional New Year’s feasts left

People experience love for people and home through food

As the sound of the firecrackers fade

the last taste of the traditional New Year lingers

(Chinese New Year 2021)

This is

A Bite of China Chinese New Year

a program that welcomes the New Year with love

Spring Festival

perhaps a day will come

when it becomes an unremarkable symbol on the calendar

marked with the color of one’s memories

However, the tortuous Yellow River propels life forward

When the festivals arrive

New Year will always blossom brilliantly on the dining tables of the Chinese

At least

in the name of a good meal

It’s the New Year! Drying seafood

Happy New Year

Wishing you prosperity and wealth

I give you laba, you give me blossoming flowers

It’s the New Year

Everyone come eat roasted pork

Eat fat cake and grow tall

It’s the New Year! Let’s eat!

Eat sugar melon on the New Year. You will lose your teeth

Eat some crispy dry goods

It’s the New Year! Go to mom’s house for dinner

It’s the New Year! Eat cake corners!

Happy new year countdown


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